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I REALLY want it.Or can you only get a Pichu with Volt Tackle?


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To get a Pikachu with Volt Tackle in Diamond, you need a Light Ball first of all.
To get a Light Ball you need to catch a wild Pikachu that is holding a Light Ball.
The only place you can find Pikachu in Diamond is in the Trophy Garden.
But there is only a 5% chance to find a Pikachu holding a Light Ball. So I recommend you get a Pokemon with Compoundeyes, like Venonat or else a Pokemon with Static to attract Pikachu.
Put him in the front of your party. You might want to try and chain the Pikachu cause it might be easier to find him that way. I also recommend you get a Pokemon with Frisk such as Banette so you find out if he is holding a Light Ball or not. Once you encounter one with a Light Ball, catch it, breed it and Voila! You have a Volt Tackle Pichu :D then just evolve him into a Pikachu via happiness and now you have a Volt Tackle Pikachu :D
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You have to breed a female pikachu or raichu that is holding a light ball with a malepokemon in the same egg group in the day care in solaceon town. This will give you egg of a pichu that knows volt tackle. Hatch the pichu, evolve it and there you go. You have a pikachu with volt tackle.
Source: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Volt_Tackle

There's a problem with your answer. The male Pokemon needs to know Volt Tackle in order for the baby to have Volt Tackle. Just a pointer. :)
no it doesnt because of the light ball