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So, my dad fixed an old Crystal Game for me.(woot, thanks dad!)
It seems to work, and now Prof.Elm has told me to go find the other Prof. I remember that from SS and HG, but I looked all over the route and can't find him. xD I don't want to accidentally skip ahead, and I kinda forgot so...Do I go to Cherrygrove City, and proceed to the next route, or is he on the starting route, Route 29?

*Professor :)
Thanks, I always misspell that.

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Continue up Route 30, the Prof is in a house on the far north-north-east of the route.

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thanks, searching now.
Hmm. I hate to say this, but your answer appears to be incorrect. He's on Route 30.
Apparently, it is Route 30. xD
Oh, sorry, I mixed up the routes :/