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I always wondered why Pokemon moves like self destruct, explosion, and guillotine are around. I mean, how do you revive a headless Pokemon or one in a 1,000 pieces? I know it's just for fun, but why don't they call them things like inner fury and super sword?

Please don't be rude if you answer this cause I don't deal with that well. Thanks!

Pokemon games are made for kids. Pokemon manga is a different story.

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It's a kids game. It's not very well interpreted when they hear that their Pokemon died. xD

In Lavender Town, yes, there are dead Pokemon.
However, Game Freak try to keep the topic of 'Pokemon death' out of the games, due to the audience they are facing it at. For example, if an 8-year-old kid's Meganium that they EV trained so much just got decapitated by a Bisharp, I think we'll have to witness some waterworks.

So really, it's just the audience Game Freak is facing the game at. It wouldn't be very suitable for younger kids.

Back then, Nintendo had a cruel sense of humour and some of their games where extremely disturbing. *cough**cough* OoT MM *cough* *cough*
Dunno what that is. xD
There's also that Creepypasta story of Cursed Black. People, Pokémon, Animals, actually die.
MM Is legend of zelda majoras mask, and OoT is legend of zelda ocarina of time. Which are both very disturbing.