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Machamp can to my knowledge learn Fissure via TM in gen 1, given how you can transfer the Pokemon from the new red and blue releases for 3ds through pokebank when it comes out and the Pokemon can have no guard giving it a 100% accuracy move with one hit KO. Would it be possible? And would it be viable?

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This has been asked in multiple ways and yes it would work, in theory:


Although I personally believe all Red/Blue Pokémon will come with their HA's to bypass this potentially broken set, as the Ability Capsule doesn't work for Pokémon with their HA, preventing this set from ever legally existing, but we'll see...

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Thought I'd just update this post: this answer is in fact accurate. Now that the PokeBank update is upon us, we know that all transferred Pokemon do indeed receive their Hidden Ability. Neither Ability Capsule (as stated above) nor breeding will allow a non-HA Machamp to learn Fissure.
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I know this question got a ba 3 years ago, but the answer has actually changed. Recently, data miner @matt_youkhana found data for a hidden ability capsule in the games code. This is the same item that was causing the game to crash when you went into the promoted raid dens a little while ago.

Source: https://youtu.be/9a4obCXN2Qs

but Machamps hidden ability is Steadfast, and all Machamp that can have Fissure are from RBY, and all RBY Machamp transferred to a modern game will have their hidden ability anyway
In the video they show changing scorbunny ability from normal to hidden, may not work the other way around
You should probably wait until Crown Tundra releases, confirm that's how ability capsules work, and then re-post this answer.
Well I mean if normal ability capsules work that way then hidden ability capsules would too