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I've been hearing rumours about tampering with abilities and now it seems the possibility of a legitimate No Guard + Fissure combo is in jeopardy. Anyone know for certain?


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This isn't tampering with Abilities, this is totally "legal."
Come January, virtual console Red/Blue/Yellow will be PokéBank compatible with Sun and Moon. In Gen I, Machamp can learn Fissure via HM. When transferred to Sun/Moon, the Gen I Pokémon will be given the abilities they gained in later games. Machamp's is No Guard. Hence why it may be possible to get a No Guard Fissure Machamp.

I am aware of this. I am asking mainly because I have heard that the standard abilities of Pokémon may be altered in Gen 7 from what they were before. Apparently Gengar is losing Levitate and Pelipper now gets Drizzle. My initial reaction was that No Guard would almost certainly be stripped from Machamp but have not heard anything.
I've read a lot of the leaks, including Ability changes, and I haven't read anything about Machamp losing No Guard, so I'm pretty sure it keeps it.
my prediction is that every Pokémon that comes from the VC games will have their Hidden abilities as a method of preventing such a broken combo like Fissure-No Guard-Machamp, rather than changing abilities for gen VII. But it's just my prediction; watch this space
they don't even necessarily have to come across with their hidden ability - all Machamps transferred from Generation I may simply have Guts as their only ability. Of course the ability capsule is a thing, so you could be right...
Exactly. Hidden Ability means no using Ability Capsules