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I'm sorry to tell you this, But the Only way to add a Pinsir to your Pokedex is by Trading, It is exclusive to white 2 (Out of the two games) like Heracross in In black 2, yet not in White 2, So you can only Obtain a Pinsir by Trade. I would suggest asking a friend who either owns a copy Of white 2, Or A Friend who has a Pinsir in another game, I suggest asking them to trade with you. If you do it v.i.a. White 2 here is a List of where your Friend can find and catch a Pinsir for you:

Route 12 (Light and Dark grass) (Not in Rustling grass)

Lostlorn Forest (Light and dark grass) (Not in rustling grass) (Not in Water) (Not in Water/Rippling Water) (In Hidden Grotto at back of forest)

I hope this helped you Connorg123 :)

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You can find Pinsir In a trade, because White 2 gets Pinsir and Black 2 gets Heracross, aside from this, there is no other way.

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