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okay, so I need a few pokedex entries to fill my unova pokedex and I need to know where I can see them, not necassarily to catch them, I wanna know if there are any trainers with them too, the missing Pokemon are:
004 Tepig
006 Emboar
080 Buneary
109 Rufflet
111 Vullaby
131 Klang
135 Roserade
143 Vespiqueen
210 Shuppet
212 Wingull
222 Gliscor
232 Shuckle
235 Remoraid
237 Corsola
240 Wailmer
243 Spheal
244 Sealeo
245 Walrein
249 Ninetales
250 Bronzor
251 Bronzong
266 Dewgong
287 Yanmega
288 Tropius

i just need to know where to find these or if I need to trade for them, thanks in advance!


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This question has been asked many times before; next time please search it up here or Google it before asking, to avoid repetition.

In any case:


That is the Serebii Isshu Pokedex (B2W2). There are some Pokemon that cannot be seen, and those you will need to trade for.