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Rewrite: I didn't get exactly get what I was looking for, (sorry, Dr.Flame)

Okay. So, I do I just get him? Like, just GET him? I don't mind the legit, find him, catch him.
I also want to know how to get him without a masterball... This would help C:

Based: Platnium. :D

enter image description here

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He did answer your question though. You can't get Darkrai without cheats and events. You don't just go on to Route 69 and wait to catch Darkrai, if that's what you mean by "Find him, catch him".
Your Question: Is it possible to catch Darkrai no cheats, no events?
Answer: No.
Lol why the He and Him. Darkrai is genderless

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Nope, unfortunately, it's not. You need a member card, which is only accessible by event.


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:D Sorry, Dr.Flame. If it's no, no.
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No, it's not possible to catch it the legit way without an event. There is a glitch to get it with the walk through walls cheat. You go to canalave city (the place where your supposed to go for the normal dakrai glitch), and just go straight forward torwards the water. Keep on going forward towards the island where you catch cresselia (or you can take the boat there), then, keep on going left. You will reash the island where you catch darkrai in events. Go in the entrance of the island and darkrai will be there.

Hope I helped!