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So, I was playing White 2, and I decided to go to the GTS, but not for any particular reason. When I opened Nintendo WFC, I thought, "It'd be funny if I had a trade going from some time past that I totally forgot about."
What do you know, as soon as I enter GTS, a Pokéball comes falling down as if I completed a trade.
You know what's inside? A level 100 Arceus with no OT or ID. And no "First met here" location. Don't get me wrong, I'm ecstatic to have an Arceus, but...
Why did I get it? What just happened?

The Pokemon gods find favor with you. Congrats:) Perhaps you are the chosen one who will bring balance to  All poke gens.

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It's either a glitch Pokemon (understandably, considering it's Level 100) or it may have been an event Pokemon, that I remember I got once. xD

The event Pokemon was in a Cherish Ball.
Is it, like, actually blank? Or is there something that just doesn't explain a location?

If it's actually blank, it's probably glitched. Sorry D:

Hope I helped.

Just a bunch of blue dashes for a location.
Also, it was holding the Shiny Charm, a key item that cannot be held.
ALSO, after obtaining said Arceus, I left the GTS because, understandably, I wanted to use it. After putting it in my party, I went back in the GTS to make another trade...
Now, every time I go into the GTS, I get a random pokemon. So far, notably, I've gotten a Shaymin, a Raikou, a Shiny Raikou, and two of the special Pikachu-colored Pichu's. i've also gotten many random level 1 Pokemon, and a few totally random Pokemon, and I never put of trades for any of these. Any idea what's happening now?
It's obviously a glitch. The game must be, like, reproducing Pokemon. xD
Just release the Pokemon, I guess. But save the game before releasing any of them, just in case they have some 'internal glitch', unless you want to keep them, then you don't have to release them. xD
Hahaha, yeah, I'll probably release them... I have an entire PC box full of random pokemon now XD However, I am giving my brother the Shaymin and Pichu's cuz he loves those but, I mean, yeah. I'm going to release them. Can't do anything with a bunch of random level 1's can you?
This glitch is pretty awesome though, getting 100 level pokemon without even trying. :D I would love that glitch.
It might be because of the fact that a few weeks ago, when connecting to my stepdad's Internet, a saw something called "Primary DNS". I had no idea what it was, and it was all 0's. So I, being me, changed the setting for DNS on my DSi. I think it's, like, And after researching, I learned that DNS is sort of like an IP address. So basically, apparently, I happened to change my DNS to someone else's, and I'd assume that they're getting all of this as well...
So, basically, if you go to your DS, DSi, or 3DS settings, go to Internet, go to advanced setup, make your connection there, turn off Auto-Obtain DNS, and put, you should get this as well XD

*EDIT* What I wrote above is the reason.
And whaddya know, I log onto to GTS again today, cuz I'm bores, and what do I get? A Kyogre. XD Yaaaay
Someone prob'ly pokégen'd it or Pokébuilded it
What Pokegen? And what's Pokebuild?