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Rock teams are currently the least used team in Monotype, and rock Arceus isn't very good. I think if rock Arceus was un-banned, rock teams would get a little bit better, but it'll have very little effect on the teambuilding choices made by people who use other teams. So am I missing something and rock Arceus would really be overpowered, or would it actually work and Smogon is too lazy to suspect test it?

By the way, this is my 200th question. Thanks to this site and all of its helpful users for teaching me a lot about Pokemon.

Does Smogon treat different forms as individual Pokémon?
In terms of tiering yet, specific forms can be banned or unbanned from tiers/metas.
Congrats on your 200th question sumwun.
2 of the answers here are talking about what will happen to Arecus-Rock and its team, but not seeing the big picture, which is the Metagame itself. For example, adding an foreign animal to a foreign ecosystem will not only affect the animal, but the whole ecosystem. Take the Janitor Fish for example.

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Just because mono-rock is underpowered doesn't change the fact that Arceus is an overpowered Pokemon. To answer your question, unbanning Arceus-rock won't automatically make mono-rock overpowered, but it won't happen because Arceus alone is overpowered. It's like unbanning Kyogre or something in OU, but only if the rest of the team is NFE. Obviously, Kyogre is still overpowered.

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Rock Arceus has 5 weaknesses and is vulnerable to burn, poison, and paralyze, so I don't think it's overpowered. Are you sure it's overpowered?
It has 120 across the board and a huge movepool. If rock typing is really that much a burden, why isn't Tyranitar or whatever RU?
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If Arceus with the Stone plate was "unbanned", Rock-type teaming would definitely be better with its stats (120 in every stat) compared to most Rock-types' slow speed. But, it would be unmatched by the other Rock-types' high Defenses.

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Yes, Arceus would definitely be overpowered, even with the Stone plate.
Doesn't arceus have 120 in each stat?
Woops, my mistake.
This answer is kind of confusing for me. First you said rock Arceus's defenses are low, and then you say that rock Arceus is overpowered. Can you answer "Would something bad happen if rock Arceus was un-banned in Monotype?" with yes or no?
I'm saying that most Rock-type's defenses are high (like 150+) while Arceus' are 120. Arceus will have a more diverse movepool, unlike other Rock-types that mainly have Rock, Ground, or Steel type moves. Yes, Sumwun, it will be overpowered. Okay. Good enough?
Thanks for clarifying.