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Since Genesect was banned, Lucario is probably the best fast special sweeper available to steel users. It has a pretty good movepool that includes nasty plot, a move that probably makes other special sweepers jealous. However, its speed really sucks. But then I realized that in monotype there are...
>a larger fraction of Choice Scarf users than standard tiers because a single super effective coverage move can hit entire teams for significant damage—often sweeping if specific Pokémon have been removed.

So here's my idea:

Lucario @ Choice Scarf
Ability: Steadfast
EVs: 148 Atk / 108 SpA / 252 Spe
Naive Nature
- Drain Punch
- Flash Cannon
- Dark Pulse
- Earthquake

If my only other fast sweeper is Excadrill, and all the others are tanks, stalls, or support, would this work?

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I'd naturally choose Close Combat > Drain Punch because Lucario isn't bulky and you'll want to hit as hard as possible.
To be honest, you can answer this better than us. This is basically the rate my 1v1 question and you should post it there instead. But nothing we say is more valuable than any long term, first hand experience. It could be the best 'mon in the game but if you can't use it there's no point, whilst a lesser, outclassed 'mon could ruin lives in your hands. The general consensus is just to underlie how easy the 'mon is to use at base, not it's full capability.
I chose drain punch so revenge killers are better avoided.
Scarfers generally aren't going to be living long, to be honest. You generally want to hit as hard and as fast as possible; so run CC over Drain Punch.
I have a well-used team that has a Hawlucha on it. Everybody told me to run high jump kick or power-up punch, but I ran drain punch instead. It almost never gets revenge killed, despite the fact that its defenses are quite low.
imo I still think that CC is better than DP on Lucario due to it's typing.
what do you mean, "due to its typing"? they're the same type.

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Nope, it gets rekt by everything out there. I made a team with it and replaced DP with CC, and it sucked. If this is mono steel, use Eviolite Doublade. It can survive an attack to set up a Swords Dance then sweep with Shadow Sneak or Gyro Ball.
Hope I helped!
Source: Obviously experience

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But what should I use as a fast special sweeper? I don't think shadow sneak is a special attack.
You can try using Heatran or Klefki?

Maybe try Scarfed Magnezone as a special sweeper? Dunno how this fits with the monotype metagame though.
scarfed magnezone might work. but anyways how did Sigma Dragoon possibly replace two Pokemon games with creative commons?