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So a few months back, I got a shiny Eevee with Timid nature. I evolved it into Sylveon, and left it in my box. Now I wanna make a gimmicky Scarfed Sweeper Sylveon set, and I need some help with it. (Also I have seen banded Sylveons sweep before, so this should be possible lol. Sylveon also had cute charm ability.)


  - Octazooka
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What format?
OU singles
So you're trying to make this as viable as possible while still using a choice scarf Sylveon?
@sumwun Yeah.

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I would probably put...
-Moonblast. STAB, overall base 142.5 power.
-Psyshock. Poison-type coverage. Poison has an average special defense higher than average defense.
-Echoed Voice. Sylveon is a great Fairy tank along with Florges, so if you can keep it alive long enough, it can pack some serious punch. This would work better if you had a hidden ability. I can give you one if I get my 3DS back.
-Dazzling Gleam. Spam 120 BP for doubles.
Do 252 SpDef, 120 HP, 136 SpAtk

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What about countering steel types? Also what about EV investments?
The only supereffective move it can get is Dig in Gen 6.
or hp fighting...

also he is scarfed. SHould'nt there be some ev's on speed?
Even with Choice Scarf, Timid, and 252 speed EV's, it is still outsped by Tapu Koko, Unboosted Halucha, and Faster scarf users, so it will need max Speed to be effective. Also, HP Fire/Ground are the best Steel Killing HPs; Ground hits Heatran and Magnezone, but misses out on Skarmory, Celesteela, and Kartana, while HP Fire Hits Unscarfed Kartana, Ferrothorn, Skaymory, and Celesteela, but misses out on Heatran. Fighting won't KO Heatran, Skarmory, Celesteela, Ferrothorn, and Manezone, and should only be used in lower tiers where Stakatka, Sheildon, and Bastiodon caring Air Balloon are common. :P