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Which Pokemon better for my team?
-For now my party is:
Cobalion: Sword dance, iron head, sacred sword, and close combat
Weavile: Night slash, ice beam, surf, and punishment
Garchomp: Earthquake, stone edge, dragon rush, and dragon claw
Salamance: Fly, crunch, dragon claw, and protect
Starptor: Brave bird, fly, takedown, and final gambit


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Normally I'd say magnezone, but I'm going to say Ampharos for one critical reason: synergy

Currently, your team is VERY weak to fighting types, with two fighting weaknesses and with the rest of them being weak to the rock and ice coverage fighting types tend to carry. Magnezone, although usually superior, adds another fighting weakness and another fire weakness as well, bring the total to three of each. Ampharos adds only a manageable ground weakness, and thanks to a diverse movepool a decent bulk, still has some merits outside of synergy.

In short, IMO Ampharos is the way to go

Hope this helps

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