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Here are step by step Instructions on how to trade/Battle Online:

  1. First of all, you need to make an Internet Connection For you Ds 3ds Etc. (If you haven't already) (If you don't Have any kind of Ds than No Trading/Battling Online.

  2. Find someone you're a friend with and/or you're willing to Trade/Battle with.

  3. Go onto you 'Pal Pad' and Register your friend.
    e.g. Name: Barx

         Friend Code (FC) : 0519-8756-7597
  4. Make sure your Friend has Registered you.

Depending on what you want to do if which you should follow next:

If you want to Trade: |If you want to battle:

  1. Make sure you have the Pokemon you |5.Make sure your Best Pokemon are In your
    want to give to your Friend is in your | Party (So you have a good chance of Winning)
    Party |6. Go Into the Nearest Pokemon Centre
  2. Go to the Nearest Pokemon Centre | 7. Go to the Top Floor and Speak the the Lady
  3. Same for Step 7 In Section 'If you want| In the Middle (Out of the three Standing in
    to Battle | front of the Three doors)
  4. You Should Find you friend In the 'WiFi | 8. You Should Find a Friend In The 'WiFi Room'.
    Room'. Go and Talk to them or let them| Go and talk to them Or let them talk to you
    Talk to you | 9. Select 'Battle' (If you were the One who
  5. Select 'Trade' (If you were the One who| talked to the other First)
    Went up the the other First) |10. Enjoy your Battle!
  6. Enjoy your Trade! |

Hope I helped! :) Sorry for the Long Answer)

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Sorry, I know it seems a  bit confusing
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It's using Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. The Nintendo DS family can connect using Wi-Fi, when you configure the settings on the Nintendo DS. You can do a number of things whilst doing this, and in the unreleased Pokemon X & Y, you can use StreetPass on your 3DS.

Hope I helped. :)

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Oh thanks but how do u change the settings
I don't know, it takes a while though. Get help from Nintendo, I guess.
This will show you how.