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Alright, I'm having the darnedest time trying to kill Moltres here, despite the fact I'm a freaking Squirtle. My partner is a Chikorita (bad news) and despite the fact I link Bubble and Water Gun together against Moltres with a Link Box, he always seems to beat me, taking nearly limitless damage. The most annoying thing though is that sometimes he just likes to go and OHKO my partner -.- but what he usually decides to do is kill me.

WTH do I do now. I am out of Reviver Seeds, I have no money, and there's no way for me to get any besides the rather rare chance of me finding one on the 2 floors of his peak of Arcanine and Fearow (which have killed me before, but usually I reach Moltres.)

just keep tanking until you get to a high enough level to beat him. or you could look at your partner's tactics, set it to one that makes it run away from enemies, and try to beat Moltres by yourself.
Try watching someone on youtube and copy how they do it.
@PF: Out of Oran Berries.

@Skynet: I don't want to get too far ahead of my Electrike, who I'm training to be strong enough to be one of my best companions in dungeons. Unfortunately I can't bring him, but is there any other way?

@PS: If I knew how to do it with the new Gravatar, you would have just given me my new avatar. xD

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Well... I beat him with Chikorita as my player. :P

Turn one: Disable all of Chikorita's moves except for Light Screen or Reflect. Chikorita uses them. You should move one step to the left.
Turn two: Moltres will have come right up to you. Allow Chikorita to be able to use Poisonpowder or an attack move. Use your linked moves.
Turn 3: If you've survived, just go all out now. Make your partner run away with the team tactics.

Nice answer. I'll try that. Thanks a lot!
No problem.
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The things you need when beating moltres: things you can throw at moltres that makes him fall asleep, lots of oran berries, and lots of revives. Make sure to bring gravel rocks too, incase you run out of pp and don't have maxilers. Actually, just bring those too. I beat moltres that way, and I was a bulbasaur and had a treeko for a partner. C:

.....Isn't it impossible to have your partner be the same type as you? Unless you hacked.
I think it is...
Sleep Seeds are also a good idea. But now I have no items and I'm pretty sure I didn't have any when I started.
But how did you get a partner with the same type?