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i'm a Eevee lvl 19 with Tackle,Hidden Power,Toxic,and Facade,and my partner is a Cyndaquil lvl 21 With Ember,Quick Attack, Smokescreen and tackle,i tried SO MANY TIMES i'm almost giving up,can someone help me? (i'm out of itens 2 :(

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Try make use of cyndaquils smokescreen and eevees toxic this is what you should do.

First to a normal attack to make moltres approch you next make it so cyndaquil can only use smoke screen then eevee should use toxic.then make so cyndaquil has exclusive move user and make it so he can only use quick attack.after this just keep on attacking but dont use hidden power try this method or grind levels to make it eaiser.

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Thanks! i'll try to,but i can't grind levels because i die 2...
hah np...also my name matthew /\
Np!!:) im happy i helped