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i tried so many times that I even forgot how many times I tried...i just defeated groudon easily,like,very easily,and I though it would be easy to beat the sky tower to get to rayquaza,but...no. i'm out of reviver seeds(and every iten,too!),what should I do?

I'm a Eevee lvl 27 - 30(not sure ) Moves:Toxic,Attract,Dig and Shadow Ball

My Partner is Cyndaquil lvl 31 Moves:Flame Wheel,Flamethrower,Quick attack and Smokescreen

And Absol is an option,maybe? probably. (lv 28) Moves:Thundershock,Quick Attack,Taunt and Bite

Any Hints?


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Defintly brong absol thats the first thing you need to do.

How to get through Sky tower:

Bring many apples as there are many floors in this dungeon
Also bring many Max Elixer as PP is I huge part of the game
to get trough the dungeon use your weakest attacks or use attacks with the most PP. (Use Most PP to Least PP)

To beat the boss of the dungeon make absol use thundershock eevee to use shadow ball and cyndaquil smokescreen and flame wheel

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Thanks! i will try to.
Ok do your best ;)