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Okay this STUPID Tower is irritating ME ! so after the 25 Floors you go to the last 10 floors and I CAN'T GET PAST THE 6th FLOOR i only once got to see Rayquaza my mini team

Flame wheel
Smoke screen

Razor leaf
Poison powder
Body slam

What´s the question? Movesets?
i was about to ask a mystery dudgeon team after the rmt sections comes out.....

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I say you should bring another pokemon with you. If you have a water type, it'll really help because of the Aerodactyls in there. You can also get some Reviver Seeds, if you see any seeds on the ground PICK EM UP, and see if they're useful for anything, especially if you get lucky and find a Reviver. Try to keep a lot of Oran Berries too. Also, so that you or your partner isn't wiped out and you don't have to start over, if you're having trouble with any wild pokemon try putting your 3rd teammate up to battle that pokemon, and only allow them to use certain moves, so in case the 3rd pokemon is KO'd, the wild pokemon will be weakened and you would hopefully have had time to recover some, maybe eaten a berry or something. Also, LOOK OUT FOR AERODACTYLS! I had the most trouble in the tower because of them, they can be hard to beat! Try avoiding them if possible! Hope this helped! :)

you need ice rayquazas gunna be a real pisser without it
Yes you helped THANK YOU
Haha Tyson of course