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Unlike EoS/T/D it doesn't give stars. So is it by the damage from the main series games or does it have its own?


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I dunno if this is the answer you were expecting, or if this is even viable, but I'll give it a shot anyway.

Here is the formula for calculation of damage in PMD:
Damage = (((D2)-C)+10)+((DD)*3276/65536)


  • A = Attacker’s Attack or Special Attack
  • B = Attacker’s level
  • C = The target’s Defense or Special Defense
  • D = ((A-C)/8)+(B*43690/65536)

As for all the other modifications, exceptions and critical hit mechanics, refer here.

I did some research for the star system and base powers in PMD Red Team, even did some playthroughs to come to the conclusion that base powers don't really exist in it. The only changes are in the additional effects.

Hope I helped!

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