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I am a Bulbasaur and my partner is a Skitty and Moltres keeps murdering me multiple times, I usually change to Skitty and get off a Sing but it doesn't matter and I really need some tips.

Bulbasaur Lvl 22
HP 69
Moves: Sludge, Razor Leaf, Nature Power, Vine Whip

Skitty Lvl 21
HP 54
Fake Out, Sing, Disarming Voice, Attract

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  • Your levels are pretty much OK—if you're having some toughness I suggest grinding a bit to around Lvl 25-30.
    Moltres has around 700 HP, meaning it won't be that much easier to handle it. Use Sleep Seeds, Gravelerocks, Blast Seeds, etc.
  • Sing from Skitty might not be always that accurate. You're better using Sleep Seeds. Blast Seeds do good amount of damage (100 HP damage each), meaning they can quickly wear down Moltres. Agility is its most dangerous move, it doubles up Moltres' movement speed allowing to attack twice as fast. Bulbasaur is generally not a good choice, you had be better of hiding and striking it only when it is sleeping, etc.
  • Bring as many Sleep Seeds, Blast Seeds, Stun Seeds as you can. Bringing some Oran Berries to heal yourself is a good idea.
  • Skitty's move Disarming Voice and Attract are practically useless. Bulbasaur's only option of hitting it is through Sludge, meaning you can have some tough time. Most cases, you had relied on item use rather than moves.
  • Throw Sleep Seeds from start, do not give Moltres opportunities to use Agility, as it can easily finish you with its move. Since most of your moves don't do much damage, relying on Gravelerocks and Blast Seeds is a good idea.

That's all I can suggest. With a bit of grinding and using as many useful items (Sleep Seeds, Stun Seeds, Gravelerocks, Blast Seeds) can help to beat Moltres, even with a bad match-up.

Hope this helps!

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