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I'm a Bulbasaur, Lvl 17. My moves are Tackle, Vine Whip+4, Sleep Powder, and Leech Seed.
My partner's a Charmander, his moves are: Ember, Dig, Scratch, Metal Claw. Help please, I can't beat Moltres! Should I train until I can overpower him?

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Why do you assume he didn't??
@Spook Sorry, I didn't read the question carefully.
@Piplup Can any of them learn rock attacks?
You got a link box? Probably not, but linking can help.

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Put Moltres to sleep with Sleep Powder and set Charmander's tactics to only using Dig once the battle starts

No point using Leech life unless you want to do the extra damage, Moltres one shots both of you.

Keep Spamming Sleep powder in case Moltres doesn't attack and uses agility when it wakes up. Charmander's damage is all you need.

Source: Experience

Keep grinding at it, this plan is literally flawless and based off of luck, even level 1 pokemon can beat moltres this way.