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I mean is it difficult or easy? I recently started playing it and have received bulbasuar. what will be my best option for a partner?
thanks in advance!

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Kind of Hard.

The game gets harder each time you progress.
Also, about the bosses:

Team Meanies (Gengar, Medicham and Ekans) are pretty easy.
The Legendary Birds are hard, they will be harder depending on the Pokémon you started.

If you're playing as a Grass starter, you will be demolished by Articuno and Moltres. (It's a bad start for you m8)
If you're playing as a Fire starter, Everything is Neutral against the Fire starter you started off, except Moltres because Fire resists Ice.
If you're playing as a Water starter, then Zapdos will demolish you up.

Also your partner should be a Mudkip, because it has a good base Attack stat early on.

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Yeah according to interview I'm bulbasaur.......
Thanks!  I'll pick mudkip.