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:O u dont
Where'd you find it?

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Where did you find it in White 2?

Sawk - game locations

Outside Pinwheel Forest, Routes 15, 18, 23 (tall grass B2/rustling grass W2)
Victory Road (rustling grass)

^ Those are the locations for Sawk in White 2. If you found it anywhere else, it was a glitch.

I'm also not sure where you got the 0% figure from. I think you might have confused it with its gender ratio; Sawk is a male only Pokemon, therefore its male ratio is 100% and female ratio is 0%.

I found it on Route 23 outside Victory road and when I looked up route 23 Pokemon in White2 it said Sawk 0% rarity. I also found it with a black belt which has a 5% chance to be found with Sawk. Not sure what happened there.
Did you find it in rustling grass? If so, it's normal. There's a 5% chance of finding Sawk in rustling grass in White 2 at Route 23.
Hmmm must have been a typo on the site I read it from. Which is this one. Haha
Did you look through it well? I just checked it out, and Sawk is listed there.
I didnt look deep enough because I just checked and it said Sawk was able to be found in the shaking grass on Route 23, my bad
No problem. Mistakes are made often :)