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is it possible to find two shiny Pokemon in a row?

There is a video of it here: two shiny Pokemon in a row.


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The video you saw was probably a fake video.I looked at the comments.It could also be hacked with an AR.However it can happen but the chances of it happening are very very slim.

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1 in 16,000. ;)
yes...very slim, unless your using action replay shiny pokemon cheat.
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Yes it is very possible however the chances are probably less than you becoming a victim of a serial killer 3 times assuming you somehow survived all of them. Formula is P=[1/8192]^2=1/67108864

So the probability that you will find 2 shiny Pokemon in a row would be 1/67108864

I think I would be struck by lighting and survive and then get assassinated by Abraham Lincoln before I would get two in a row :)