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Can you find shinies in the ORAS demo, and also are you able to transfer them, if it isn't glalie.

I kind of doubt it but I'm not sure (also I'm not sure if this is answerable)
Are you talking about random pokemon or mega steelix and gaille.
Both random pokes and Glalie
Nothing except Glalie and bonus items are transferable to the games, so if you do find a Shiny then bad luck.
Ok, then I hope the shinies wait until I play the full game, I'll get ALL the shinies
I suppose you can, but you wouldn't be able to transfer them, so your good luck would be short -lived.

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I have seen some lucky guys that get shiny Pelipper, shiny Marshtomp and Grovyle in the ORAS demo. However the wild pokémons you can't caught because you don't have Pokéballs.
If you can get shiny M-Glalie and M-Steelix? I search for all Google and didn't found anything BUT since you can find wild shinies and starters, I think you can find M-Glalie and M-Steelix BUT they can be shiny locked to!
Don't ask me the chances but I think are the same as XY.

This demo is rather unique in that it will allow you to transfer aspects of the demo to the main Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire games once purchased. This is done through the Pokémon Link feature of the games.
>The demo will allow you to send over any items that you have collected throughout the playing of the demo, as well as the special Mega Evolved Pokémon that is encountered within this demo! - Serebii

If you want to check the lucky guys that found shinies:

Shiny Pelipper
Shiny Grovyle
Shiny Marshtomp

Hope this helps.

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But we can still find out what shiny mega Glalie/Steelix look like by giving their mega stones to shines of them that you can get traded to from other games when you transfer them to the full game.
They are actually unlucky with pelipper because they can't use it, I got one in Y that I can use
grovyle and marshtomp are not shiny in the video.
For proof
See full video.