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Depends on the game and conditions.
It depends. Is it full odds, murder method, masuda method, or chaining? What species in what location if it is just catching a wild Pokemon (the spawn rate would affect the rarity I believe)?

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The chance is odds^2. So for full odds pre-Gen 6, that’s (1/8192)^2, or 1/67,108,864. Full odds post-Gen 6 is (1/4096)^2, or 1/16,777,216. If there are any other methods you want to know the odds of double shinies, just take the base odds of that method and plug it into the formula.

Is there a better chance to win the lottery than this? Lol
Depending on which lottery you’re entering, the top prize can have a chance as rare as 1/300,000,000, so you’re actually significantly more likely to run into full odds back-to-back shinies, even pre-Gen 6.
Oh dang, thanks. Ill remember that the next time i buy a lottery ticket lol
probably a better chance of winning the lottery in pokemon at least lol