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Best Pokemon to use Follow Me?

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Needs to be Defensive, I guess.

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Here is a list of Pokemon who can learn Follow Me.

The Pokemon with highest BST is Togekiss who is probably the best defensive Pokemon on there as it has 85 HP, 95 Def, 115 SpD. It can also learn other good support moves like Toxic and Thunder Wave.

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Can you explain the evs/ivs for this? or am I gonna have to ask that in Battle Subway?
I guess I can help you. Togekiss may want run a good bulky set. Probably go with a variation of 248 HP, 252 SpD, 8 Speed.
Thanks! ill try it!
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Togekiss is your bird, or you can use Amoonguss who learns Rage Powder but has the same effect.

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Togekiss. It learns follow me as a Togetic. Togekiss has the best defense stats out of the handful of Pokemon that can learn it, so why not choose it? Pretty much that simple. Hope I helped :)

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