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If you're looking for fully evolved pokemon, then Togekiss is the way to go, with Clefable not far behind. However, Togetic also has solid bulk, along with the ability to use an Eviolite. Your choice really.

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you both helped allot thanks!
No offense but Togekiss doesnt have a lot of Defense, At least mine has more Special Defense and not Defense.... :-/
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You want to use Clefable.

While Togekiss starts with Higher Defenses, Clefable has reliable boosting, healing, and only takes direct damage! This means he can absorb Will-o-wisps and Toxics for you.

A good set would be.

Item: Leftovers
Ability: Magic-guard
Nature: Bold
EVs: 252 Defense, 252 S.Defense, 4 Hp

Wish or Moonlight

I have fought a similar Clefable in PBR and it was a pain, it allowed my opponent to set up easily while I did little damage to the moon Pokemon. Choose Wish unless you are in need of immediate healing, otherwise Wish is much better. Aromatherapy is for team support, Thunder-wave or Toxic for crippling enemies, Light-screen or Reflect if you want more team bulk, choose the one that your team needs the most.

So yeah IMO you want Clefable if you want to win.

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Defense wise, its Togekiss, learning Follow me as Togetic.
Special Defense wise, it's Pachirisu.

Hope this helps!!! •^-^•