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Follow me is used only for double battles (maybe triple battles). Basically, whoever uses the move becomes the only target. Therefore, your opponents aim after the user, rather than your allies. This can help when you want to use a two-turn move, or a save if other Pokemon are low on health. Therefore, they can use that turn to recover. Pretty awesome move if used right (better on high defense Pokemon).

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You can use it to have all foes attack that Pokemon, leaving other Pokemon to be able to attack without worrying about getting knocked out (double/triple battles). Helps when other Pokemon have low HP or defences but good attacks

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You use it in double or triple battles to force your opponent to target a particular Pokemon, instead of the one they want to kill immediately. This gives you time to set up, inflict status, inflict damage, etc., generally weakening your opponent's position.

The Pokemon World Championship 2014 puts the answer on display. In it, Se Jun Park uses it with a Pachirisu to keep Jeudy Azzarelli from attacking his main sweeper, a Garchomp. Because Azzarelli can't break through the Pachirisu quickly enough, he loses the match easily.

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Follow Me is only useful in Double or Triple Battles. This makes all opponents' moves aim only at the user (unless the opponents' move is a wide-ranging move, like Surf, Earthquake, etc., or the user is at the left or right position in a Triple Battle). Then the move hits as usual unless Wide Guard is activated). Follow Me is very useful in scenarios where the user is a Pokémon whose type does not take any damage from the opponents' attacks.

Example (listed from left to right):
Gastly 1 (Confuse Ray, Curse, Hypnosis, Shadow Ball)
Gengar (Sucker Punch, Shadow Punch, Shadow Ball, Payback)
Gastly 2 (Confuse Ray, Curse, Hypnosis, Shadow Ball)
Slowbro (Withdraw, Slack Off, Zen Headbutt, Water Pulse)
Clefairy (Follow Me, Minimize, Cosmic Power, Stored Power)
Reuniclus (Light Screen, Recover, Psychic, Future Sight)

Obviously, you wouldn't want either of the Gastly's Shadow Balls or any of Gengar's moves to hit your two Psychic-type Pokemon and leave you with a weak Clefairy, right? (Though why you would have only these three Pokemon with you, I have no idea). Say Gastly 1 is going to use Shadow Ball against Slowbro, Gastly 2 is going to use Shadow Ball against Reuniclus, and Gengar is going to use Sucker Punch against Clefairy. You set Slowbro to use Zen Headbutt against Gastly 1, Reuniclus to use Light Screen, and Clefairy to use Follow Me. This is what happens:

  1. Both Gastly's attacks strike Clefairy and have no effect.
  2. Gengar's attack tries to hit Clefairy, but fails, since Clefairy is not attacking.
  3. Slowbro's attack KOs Gastly 1.
  4. Reuniclus sets up the Sp. Defense upping power of Light Screen.

Now, you can focus your attacks on the other two Pokemon. You set Clefairy to use Follow Me again, since Follow Me is such a handy move that you want to try it twice. You set Slowbro to use Zen Headbutt and Reuniclus to use Psychic against the Gengar.

  1. Gengar tries to hit Reuniclus via Shadow Punch, but Clefairy's Follow Me aims this attack at Clefairy instead and makes it have no effect.
  2. Gastly 2's Shadow Ball once again hits Clefairy and has no effect.
  3. Slowbro's Zen Headbutt KOs Gengar.
  4. Reuniclus uses Psychic against Gastly 2 and KOs it.