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So I guess Smogon is introducing it's Monotype tier and ladder so I'm probably going to make a team for this special occasion. I really want to know what the most used teams are used. If there isn't an actual record of this, what is normally the most seen?

Enoch would be a huge help to you. He's our best monotype battler.

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Some people want to be a noob, yet mainstream, and go mono-dragon. Everyone uses mono-dragon (unless you actually play Pokemon) because the only thing that resists it is steel, and thats a 1/all the types chance that you would see a steel type team (excluding personal preferance). Not only that, but a lot of dragon types are in OU, and better yet they are strong.

If you aren't talking dragon, you can pretty much use any type and do good. If you really want a challenge, use rock types without sandstorm or ice types without a spinner.

Other than that, there isn't any record of most used teams or anything like that (as far as I can tell)

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Yeah, I can't say there is either. Its funny. I was actually going for Dragon, but you gave me a wake up call. Thanks.