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I know this is wierd question, but why do you never get oppenents that have shiny Pokemon, I am just super curious

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more specefic about where you find oppenents?

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Shiny Pokemon are rare, so not many people have them unless they hack. Plus, some are just ugly, I think Shiny Scizor is. If you're on a sim it's the last reason, some are really ugly. Hope I helped! :)

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Well, what they try to do is make the game quite easy (well, 'beatable' anyway) so they don't put in Shiny Pokemon. Shiny Pokemon have over average IVs, so they might be a little harder to beat. Of course, giving one of the Elite Four members a shiny Pokemon would be cool to see. I mean, yet again it is the Elite Four. xD

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I feel as if I was the only person who answered this correctly. No offence Jaja and Puff. ._.
None taken. I was kinda basing this off of other players, not in-game characters, so we're both right :D
Oh that makes more sense. xD
I guess this question is rather ambiguous.
I think you did xD None Taken
I thought Shinys only had over-average IVs in the first few Gens.
they only had over average IVs in the 3 gens
Actually, I believe they only had above average IVs in Generation II.