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in platinum how do you get spheres

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Do you mean the move Dig or going underground to search for spheres?

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Open up the Explorer's Kit anywhere on the outside world (not caves / water). You'll be asked to save. Save and you will enter the Underground. To find spheres, tap on the touch screen until you see sparkles on the wall. Wall up to the parts and press A. Then, use your hammer and pickaxe to dig up items by tapping on the touch screen. To find areas with items, run to where the top screen has yellow sparkles.

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You get spheres using the Explorer Kit. After you get the Explorer Kit, you go outside and go to your bag, and find it in the Key Items section. Then use it, and you will go underground. Then after you walk around a little, yellow shiny lights will appear on the top screen. Go toward the lights and try to select the walls around you where you think the lights are coming from. If you find one, start digging and you will eventually find a sphere.

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