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I have been on the hunt for a shiny charmander in my White 2 version but I seem to have terrible luck or something. My main question is; Is there a path way or a particular way I should go about hatching?
I have been mostly filling my party with 5 eggs and then bike the sky bridge till they hatch, drop off the hatched at the PC and then repeat. Lately I've gotten lazy and just bicycle back and forth in front of the daycare with a flame body pkmn in the first slot. I've seen some collect the eggs and fill their PC with the eggs and then hatch them afterwards.

Is there one faster way to hatch than the other?
I've hatched 800+ eggs by now and still nothing (I kinda gave up counting once all 24 boxes were filled)


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you could use the nursery at join avenue to hatch eggs faster but it costs allot of money and your avenue has to be above level 15

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Here's what I did.

I put a Pokemon with Flame Body in my party. I would grab one egg at a time. From the day care, I would bike up to Castelia and back. Usually, the egg would hatch on the way back to the day care. I would grab another egg from the day care and repeat. I used this way to hatch a Jolly Shellder and a Jolly Sneasal, and I think I hatched about 30 eggs for each.


An easy way is to do the same thing, but put a rock or book on the forward and b buttons in the middle of the Gear Station. It will act as an infinite loop, so you can just sit back until the egg hatches. I also recommend filling your party with eggs first, because it's pretty far from the day care.

Hope I helped! Source: Experience

Thanks for the tips! Do you think I should keep going at it? Its getting kinda discouraging especially when I have the best possible chances with the masuda method and the shiny charm.
I haven't seen one shiny appear in this game (haven't even finished white tree hollow yet for that shiny; I got distracted with hatching lol) and as a whole I've only encountered and caught two shinies in my poke'-gaming life-span and I've been playing since red and blue! Do I have some crap luck or what? xD
Do you think using a different game cartridge would increase my luck?