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I noticed for some of the berries in my inventory have negative effects but it also says if the Pokemon hates (type of food). So I guess my question is, are negative effects unavoidable? If it depends on the Pokemon's preference for food, how do I know which Pokemon likes which types of food?

ex) wiki berry: if held by a Pokemon, it restores the user's hp in a pinch, but will cause confusion if it hates dry food.


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It depends on the nature. Basically, the Pokemon likes the flavor of berry that lines up with the stat that is raised, and the Pokemon dislikes the flavor of berry that lines up with the stat that is lowered.

Spicy Cool Power Attack
Sour Tough Stamina Defense
Dry Beauty Skill Special Attack
Bitter Smart Jump Special Defense
Sweet Cute Speed Speed

Here's an example.

If a Pokemon has an adamant nature, it will like Spicy foods, but will dislike dry foods. So if you gave it a Wiki Berry, it will become confused because it hates dry food.

So yes, they are avoidable.

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Ok so I looked at the chart and if I'm right my dratini would like bitter favors and dislike dry flavors because its nature is careful, is this right? And what happens if the pokemon neither likes nor dislikes the flavor?
Yes, your right about your Dratini :) If it doesn't dislike it, it won't confuse.
Ok thanks you helped a lot :).