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Can Feraligatr learn Aqua Jet and Dragon Dance together


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Get a Female Dragonite, and a Male Golduck (Or another compatible parent) with Aqua Jet. Breed them. The baby Dratini should have Aqua Jet. Make sure it is male. Then, level it up until it learns Dragon Dance (Don't be afraid to evolve it). Breed it with a female Pokemon from the Totodile evolution line, and you should get a baby Totodile with both moves.

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Both moves are in his possible egg moves, so yes. Get two parents, Neither being the Feraligatr In this step, in which the female is able to breed with the Feraligatr line. The male needs to know Aqua Jet and the female has to be able to learn it through breeding. To make this easier, have the baby be a Pokémon that can learn dragon dance through leveling. Now the baby MUST be male and the Feraligatr MUST be female when bred. The male will pass down Aqua Jet and Dragon Dance onto the baby totodile.

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