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I just cant seem to get one.


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You will need:

  • A female Jigglypuff or female Wigglytuff
  • A male Pokemon on this list. or a Ditto.

Put these two Pokemon in the daycare, and the offspring will be an Igglybuff! :D
Also, if you are playing Diamond and Pearl it is a 5% 1/20 that you will find Igglybuff in the Trophy Garden. In Platinum, it is one of the Daily Trophy Garden Swarm Pokemon. It will not always be Igglybuff, but to take a chance you can talk to the man inside the Trophy Mansion.

Hope I helped. :)

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Bulbapedia says it's not a swarm >.<
I said it was a swarm-like thing, in the Trophy Garden.
It's not an official swarm, silly. :P
Lol, it's not even really a swarm like thing, they're just rare :P
Also, do you have a reliable source that says that a "swarm-like thing" will happen when you talk to the owner?  It honestly seems kinda weird >_>
Oh, there it is: In DP it's a 5% chance it will appear.
In Platinum it's a Daily Trophy Garden Pokemon.
I'll edit that in. xD
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You have to breed a Jigglypuff/Wigglytuff with a Ditto or a male Pokemon in the Fairy Egg Group. There is no incense needed here. Also, in HGSS, you can get one in the Amity Meadow Pokewalker course and in DPP, in the Trophy Garden (Rare %5), after Mr. Backlot makes his butler add it to the garden (talk to him, also there won't be a 100% chance of him adding it) . In Platinum, it will be encountered at level 22, and in Diamond/Pearl, 16-18. On any given day, the "planted" Pokémon (Igglybuff) that was in the Trophy Garden the previous time Mr. Backlot was last spoken with will also still be there, allowing a two-day window to catch each of these Pokémon.

Hope I helped! :)

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Cant I just use a Jiggilypuff and Ditto?
Have you tried?
No, to lazy I guess.
you could
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To get an Igglybuff, put a Jigglypuff and Wigglytuff in the daycare and hatch their egg or breed with a ditto.