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I don't want to train every magby to level 30 to evolve it in magmar that repeat since I get a competitive viable magmortar. I may know the aswer (spoiler alert: we can't) but just to be sure I ask.


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You can't get a Magmar directly without a Magby. Were it something like Snorlax, then you'd get only Snorlax but not Munchlax (without the Incense). However, though Magby is a baby Pokemon, you'll have to level it up.

I have one question though: why would you level up EVERY Magby to Magmar to use it again for breeding? Leave the Magby as a Breedject if it's not up to the mark in competitive IVs and Nature. You can re-use the same Magmar for breeding again and again.

In case you're doing it for the IVs, using a Power Object and Destiny Knot is a far more efficient method.

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Yes i said that badly, i obviously don't level up all the magbys to level 30 but only the one that born with the best ivs XD then use it to breed the next "generation" i'm not a masochist :)