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Or do you need to be in Kanto/ post NatDex before you can get one?


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I'm pretty sure you will need to trade a Pokemon from D/P/Pt with a Dusk stone into HG/SS.

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Dusk Stone is available in HGSS, in the Pokeathlon  Dome I know for sure, but it's post NatDex. Why would they have Misdreavus and no Dusk Stone though, srsly.
I know right.
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You need to be in the first place in the bug catching contest

Bug-Catching Contest rewards

1st: Sun Stone (pre-National Pokédex)
1st: Random Evolutionary Stone (Fire Stone, Water Stone, Thunder Stone, Leaf Stone, Moon Stone, Sun Stone, Shiny Stone, Dusk Stone, Dawn Stone, Oval Stone) (post-National Pokédex)
2nd: Everstone
3rd: Sitrus Berry
4th: Shed Shell

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