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Aegislash? Me too. OP Early-Mid Game.
I have an interesting story. My friend who has pokemon y and alpha s requested me to get him a honege because he does not have poke-bank. So I went to my pokemon y game to catch honege. But honege is one of those pokemon  that has a 30 percent chance of finding it. But then as soon as I went in the grass... HELLO SHINY HONEGE! And then I got him a reg. honege. Thank you for listening to my story. Oh and can someone tell me how to get lapras in black 2. Because when I do find the area I just want to make sure. But besides that I just wanted to figure out how to evolve doublade! Thank you for your time!

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Terminus Cave 2nd floor. You need Rock Smash to get it(Rock Smash can be found outside the Pokemon Center in Ambrette Town an NPC will give it to you.)

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Actually, Rock Smash is not required.
Actually it is.
Actually it isn't, you can just take the long way around without rock smash and you can still get the dusk stone.
Actually, hurdurdur.
Actually, Puff saks.
Actually, Your wrong
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Talk to a Team Flare Grunt in Laverre City after defeating the Pokemon League, and he will give you one. Also, if you've maxed any of your Pokemon's EVs in Super Training, complete the Secret Super Training mission, " Watch Out! That's One Tricky Second Half! " to obtain a Dusk Stone.

Thanks for the advice on the SST. Just got the dusk stone! Now I don't have to wait to get to Terminus Cave. :)
thanks it helped me too
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I don't know where to find on the overworld, but you can get one from doing Aegislash in super training (secret training)

Thanks, I finished all the secret Super Training levels before seeing this comment so getting a Dusk Stone on the Aegislash level was a piece of cake