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I just would like to know if you can. And if so, how do you?


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An easy way to do it would be catching a Pokemon that knows spore(list), going to the restaurant in Lumiose city and double battle with someone.

In the battle you can use Sketch on the Pokemon that has Spore.

If I recall correctly the restaurant is a bit pricey, but it's worth it in the end if you ask me.

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The restaurant isn't pricey, only le wow is pricey
actually not even le wow is pricey, they pay you back DOUBLE to money if you beat everybody, not to mention they give you items to sell which can gain your almost TRIPLE the money you paid.
I like " le wow"
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You can't catch a wild Smeargle with Spore. However, you can catch Smeargle which can learn any move using Sketch. So, yes, you can get Smeargle with Spore.