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Whenever my Klefki uses thunder wave, the opponent ALWAYS attacks, even though paralysis 'apparently' has 50% of causing the opponent to not attack. I'm not over exaggerating by the way, I kid you not paralysis from my Klefki only caused the enemy to not attack ONCE, throughout my ENTIRE playthrough, from when I caught my Klefki to the elite 4, thunder wave only did it ONCE. Oh yeah there was that ONE time when I paralyzed my friend's Gogoat in an online battle and the 'Gogoat is paralyzed! It is unable to move!' sign came up, after about 5 turns of it not working

My question, was paralysis nerfed in X and Y, or am I EXTREMELY unlucky?

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Parahax saved my Leafeon in a multi battle once. I was facing an Areodactyl and a Blaziken, and the Blaziken kept of being paralyzed, which let me finnish off the Areodactyl threat.

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paralysis has always been the same in all games. remember: the chance of losing your turn due to paralysis is just 25%, so... yeah (source)

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