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Hi guys! I have a Doublade and I want to evolve it into an Aegislash before I get to the Pokemon League. Do you know where any Dusk Stone locations are that are before the Pokemon League?

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Ways to find a Dusk Stone

Super Training – Defeat the Aegislash Balloon in Super Secret Training (only obtainable if you beat it really fast).

Terminus Cave – It's on the second floor, but this has already been answered.

Good luck, and enjoy your Aegislash.

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You get the laverre dusk stone after you beat the pokemon league
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Curse you, Serebii for not adding post/pre E4 details!
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Its in the Terminus Cave on the 2nd floor. You may need Rock Smash, btw

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Pre elite four, a team flare grunt in Laverne straight gives you one, no cost.

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