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I was playing Explorers of Sky going on a few quests and whatnot before I continue with the main story line. Once I get to the floor where I'm supposed to find the Pokemon(it was a Skiploom btw) I got a message saying. " You have reached your destinated floor! But where is the Pokemon?" The first sentence is normal but I've never gotten the second sentence before...

PS: I've gone through this mission but accidentally skipped to the next floor.

'No, it's because the rescue mission that you're doing has a restriction; you have to bring a certain type/pokemon, or you can't complete it.' - http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/938930-pokemon-mystery-dungeon-explorers-of-darkness/42982736

That might be the answer.
Nope no restrictions

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That is just a rare occurrence programmed into the game. Do the mission again and you should be fine.

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