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What is wrong with my Mystery Dungeon game?

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Ok, I am playing Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky. I have an Elekid, I got the Elekid to level 30, I took the Elekid to Luminous Springs. It offers to Evolve Elekid. I say yes. Elekid goes into the spring, then there is animation then it turns into Electibuzz then.......Electibuzz vanishes!? The music stops playing!? And the game freezes!? I try again and get the same result!? This did not happen when evolving any of my other Pokemon. Is there a glitch in the system? Would I get a different result if I leveled Elekid up again? I am confused.

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2 Answers

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Maybe this is a glitch, because you said this only happens with Elekid. OR maybe your game is messed up. (HOPE THIS HELPS!!!) :)

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itz probably your game. ive played and beat explorers of sky, evolved every pokemon u can and that never happened to me with any elekid. so it must be ur game thatz messing up.

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