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My (Eevee) stats are in the early 20's, when my partners (Vulpix) are in the 30's, and this is with a stat boosting item (the bow). We're both level 15. Ive been eating lots of gummies, but they haven't been doing much. How can I power myself up without excessive grind?

Gummies raise stats much better at Spinda's cafe. Are you using them there?
No i wasnt. I had no idea :0 ill start regrinding them
That's the reason why. Gummies are meant to raise IQ only in caves. Making adrink at Spinda's cafe would give better results. Please don't mind spelling bcause I'm in phone :/

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When Gummis are used here, they will always increase IQ and stats (Wander Gummis are unusable as they are not edible). If the recipient of a Gummi drink has max IQ, an IQ increase will still be shown, but not actually gained. A regular Gummi drink will increase IQ by 1-5 depending on type matchup, and increase a stat by 1 point. A Wonder Gummi will increase IQ by 15 and increase a stat by 3 points, or may rarely increase all stats by 3 points. A particularly successful Gummi drink will increase IQ by a further 2 points. Most ingredients have a small chance to become a miracle drink, which in addition to its normal effect will increase maximum HP, IQ, or a random stat by 2-5 points.

Source: Bulbapedia

Unlike Vilolent Seeds which are non reusable and bows that raise stats temporarily, Gummies made drink at Spinda's cafe boost stats permanently. It's better to recycle items to get tickets which would help getting chances for Wonder Gummy which raise stats by a large amount. Matching the gummy with Pokemon's type gives better results.

Hope this helps!

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You can boost your stats by using Violent Seed (boosts Attack and Special Attack), you can use stat-boosting moves (like Swords Dance, Bulk Up, etc.) . If you want to boost your base stats without Seeds or stat-boosting moves you need to grind a lot.

Yeah, i was meaning like... permanent solutions