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I have played Pokemon Myster Dungeon Explorers of Time Years Ago, I beat it. Now, I got POkemon Exploreres of Sky and am having trouble. I have Defeated Dialga, but I know the saga continues down to Darkrai. My Problem is, I have to Graduate to go further. Wigglytuff says some stuff about "The GRand MAster of All Things" (I knows It's the GUild itself) But I am having a lot of trouble deafeating them thus I have tried many times. Any Ideas?

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Get Discharge or moves that effect everyone in the room! :)

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What I do is I kill Chimecho first then Stun Seed Wigglytuff. I can't actually help you if I don't know you and your partner and the levels you're on, but bring lots of Reviver Seeds and Oran Berries.

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I know exactlly how you are feeling, I too had a lot of trouble passing them but here are some tips.
If you have any friend Pokemon at high levels (most likely as high as you are) put them on your team, fill you team with strong partners so they can also do the dirty work. Also moves that hit every foe in the room is very helpfull. Make sure to have a lot of revive seeds with you. Also just in case it would be good to have a partner with a move like sing and put Wigglytuff to sleep for a while since he is the hardest to take down!

Hope I Helped >.<

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Thanks but here is the thing, both of my PKMN are Lv 40. I am a Mudkip with a Partner of Riolu. And I am very very low on items. I think my best shot is to get moves that effect everyone like discharge.
Your level 40? Try leveling up a bit more, I was level 50 something :/ But you can do it, all you need is patience.. A LOT of it ^-^''