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So I had a Ralts in my team and I wasn't sure how to evolve it. I looked on the Pokedex page and it said level 20. Well, my Ralts was already level 26. What happened? It had never tried to evolve and it had no item.

What level did you catch it at?
Level it up one level. Check whether it has an everstone. Idk?
Which game is this for?
ralts definitely evolves at 20, so its not a typo
Were you playing a ROM hack or something?
Did u press "b"?
I got it from an egg. I leveled it up multiple times, it doesn't hold an item. Platinum. Never hacked. Never tried to evolve.

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When you catch a Pokemon above it's real evolution level, you need to level it up one more time in order to make it evolve.

This is the same with using Everstones and in any other circumstance, if a Pokemon is above it's evolution level just level it up once.

Hope I helped. :)
Source: Experience

Yeah just a small problem there, in no game do Ralts come above level 20 (none of the original ones that is).
I raised it from an egg!
Did you do it in the daycare?
OMFG YES UR DABES THANX SO MUCH sorry but now I know why! that is so helpful!
Why was it?