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ok,so I find a wild what ever and I take out darkrai and darkrai uses dark void, the wild Pokémon is asleep and I get out smeargle.smeargle uses sketch......would sketch copy dark void or a random Pokémon move. Or would sketch fail?


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No, it wouldn't work, because Darkrai is your Pokemon.

Sketch allows the user to copy the opponent's last move permanently, therefore replacing Sketch.

Only if you are facing the Darkrai can you sketch its last move.

If you really want a move that puts your opponent to sleep, give your Smeargle a Chesto/ Lum Berry and sketch something with Spore or Sleep Powder.

Bulbapedia - Sketch

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Or do a double battle with smeargle and darkrai and aim sketch at darkrai.
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It would sketch Dark Void if it was the last move used by the opponent. I hope this helps! (tip: give chesto berry to smeargle) -Jellohamster

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It would copy Dark Void if it was the last move used. I have copied my teams moves in Double Battles before. Have fun with it!