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I am in a draft-based tournament with some friends and I wanted to have some ideas of what to draft for the next draft that we will do. And I am looking more into different techniques to use other than just trying to out-muscle my opponent's team. I am looking for ideas on possible draft picks that can help me use a different strategy. Any ideas?

Oh. And this is the original 2nd generation of games. Not HeartGold or SoulSilver, but Crystal, Gold and Silver. So there is no natures, EV's are calculated differently and the move sets and items that can be used are a bit restricted. We are also allowed to use the legendary birds and dogs, just not Mew, Mewtwo, or Celebi.


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Umbreon is a good wall. I dont know if Curse existed in Gn 2 but if it did there you go.

Yeah curse does exist in original 2nd generation. I have Umbreon and Shuckle in this draft and I truly enjoy both of them. I like having great wall pokemon like those two. But I am also just looking for other pokemon that would give my team better synergy and more ideas on different strategies i could use that would make battling in the tournament more fun
So a wall with a different type? Like i dunno Blissey? Blastoise?
Those are good picks too. I looked into them. What I am trying to do is find a team with good synergy that has good wall/set-up pokemon that can help the other pokemon in my line-up for when I switch, so i can compound damages and not have to rely on just pure attacking to try to win. For example, the team I am currently looking at drafting would be: Shuckle, Umbreon, Forretress, Stantler, Golduck and Charizard. I just want ideas for my draft on a team/ specific pokemon so I can use other techniques during battling
My initial question was probably misleading. Sorry. I am just looking for line-up advice and suggestions on possible strategies that I could use during the tournament
Im sorry i still dont Understand i give up. But that team u have has a good synergy i think. Excet no one to resist rock Maybe Steelix instead of Stantler
skarmory, foretress, cloyster can be a wall too