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Hone Claws increases Attack and Accuracy by one stage. That is 1.333 x original accuracy, which would make 120% for Rollout, i.e. it hits every time.

It would also make Rollout base power 45 on the first hit (one attack stage is x1.5), then 90, 180, 360 and 720. With a defense curl as well, it would start at 90 and go up to 1,440 on the final turn!!!

Would this be at all feasible, or would it be too predictable? Even with a double rock defense the last turn would still be very powerful. Have I made any mistakes with this theory?

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Pretty Situational, but the opponet could swicth out, while you couldn't. And Even AfterA Claw Sharpen on the 2nd Rollout It wouldnt be a 1-KO, and they could proably take you down as you couldn't switch. Thats Why Defense is needed. I Would Use Nattorei(one of your favrite pokemon pokemaster) for its good defenses.
Teach it: Stealth Rock, Rollout, Claw Sharpen, and Iron Head/Seed Bomb/Gyro Ball.

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Hmm.... Claw sharpen would boost the damage and accuracy, then defense curl doubles it's power. even pokemon with high defenses would have trouble holding up... you might need some kind of protection while setting it up. The idea would be pretty subtle seeing as nobody competitively uses defense curl or rollout. It might be given away once they see you used defense curl, so use claw sharpen first.

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To be honest you probably wouldn't even need Defense Curl. I think only Steelix and Lucario would have a 4x defense on Rock, and the last turn would still deal 180 base damage for them, 360 for 2x rock defense.

The other question is... how many pokemon learn Rollout and Claw Sharpen?
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I think the best choice would be Aggron because of awesome defense and great attack + It can learn both moves.